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Good day dear players and guests of our server! Unfortunately, the hoster just informed us about an unplanned reboot of the host.
We apologize for this incident!
For that is, the advantages of this, the force will include new changes:
- Added new boss Debenter location for "Debenter";
- Added on each character in the set of things the socket as well as weapons and shields, would later description;
- Completely redid ancient kits, and made of the top sets of ants kits, later will be the description;
- Completely redid the thing in Moss Event;
- Changed the balance of characters;
- The action of the characters buff increased to 15 minutes;
- Lowered CPU load;
- And many small changes concerning the server and the client.


Sincerely Administration MuFignt.

Posted 16 / 01 / 2019

OPEN 09.01.2019

Dear players,we Invite You to the opening of new projects MUFIGNT to be held 09.01.2019
We are ready to present a new project that has established itself as the most stable game server
There was a global update of the client with new interesting chips that will be of interest to many players
On our server there are interesting quests and events from the administration that will not let you get bored
We Are Waiting For You 09.01.2019

Registration is available to REGISTER!
The client is available for download - CLIENT DOWNLOAD!

IMPORTANT!!! Events for the opening of the: LOOK HERE!

Basic information: 
Server rates: x50. 
Rate Drop: 25% 
Server Chronicles: Season 3 Ultra 
Max level: 400 
Grand reset with 50 reset 
Stats after Grand reset 10000 
Maximum Grand reset: 50 
Maximum stats: 32767 
Reliable protection from all sorts of cheats and dupes. 
Available to receive bonuses through voting for the server. 
Spots in all locations on 6 monsters with respawn 8 seconds. 
Fixed bug for sale Wings (Zen) 
Everything is available to play! 
Server uptime: 24/7 

Helper elf To 250 Level + 15 reset 
Creating a Guild: 250 LVL 
Autoclicker available from level 10 
New locations: Acheron, Alkmaar, Ubaid, Debenter, Bless Arena, Snowstorm Devias, Ruined Lorencia, Jungle Noria! 
New monsters, new bosses; 
All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for X500 rates. 
Pvp options available all the things from the Leather to the socket 
Harmony options support all things including Socket 
Unique Off-Exp system (offline leveling). 
Sale and trade takes place only through the website 
Start boxes falling from all the monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit. 

Light start: 
1 Reset with 350 lvl; 
2 Reset with 360 lvl; 
3 Reset with 370 lvl; 
4 Reset with 380 lvl; 
5 Reset with 390 lvl; 
6-50 Reset with 400 lvl; 

Why us? 
Responsive administration, listen to the opinions of players. 
At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers. 
Unlimited possibilities in development, additions and updates. 
Unique conceptual game world. In which you will not be bored. 
High stability, protection against hacking, DDoS and cheats. 
All done with their own hands, the authors of the Assembly we. 
Experienced development team.


Posted 10 / 01 / 2019
Currently this is only one server.